KUM® is a traditional German family owned company, established in 1919. KUM® is one globle company,with head office and central plant in Erlangen Germany,and branch plant in Ireland and Czech, and branch office in New York and Shanghai.

The company name stands for "Kunststoff und Metal" which is German for "plastic and metal",the material that most KUM® products are made of.

KUM® is a manufacturer of cosmetic sharpeners, pencil sharpeners,drawing instruments and other products for beauty, school, office and advertising.  

The range of KUM®Beauty includes a variety of beauty tools,such as brushes, facial - eye and nail care products. Like all KUM® brands,these are sold around the globe by major cosmetic companies.

The goal of KUM®Beauty is to provide you the most innovative and creative products on the market.

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The founder:Fritz Mubgueller
Messe Frankfurt
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